Why is this called Ninjawords?

Ninjas are three things:

  1. They're smart
  2. They're accurate
  3. They're really fast

Ninjawords is based on these principles.

How do you pack so much awesome into that little text box?

Ninjawords is optimized to return a definition instantly as soon as you hit enter, and your search is spellchecked in multiple ways until we find a good match. Ninjas like to stay lean and mean, which is why there is no junk cluttering your dictionary, slowing you down.

All definitions come from the ever-expanding Wiktionary data set.

What's new?

See the announcements page.

Secrets for more awesome

The iPhone app

Use Ninjawords everywhere — watch a video of the iPhone app or download it here.

The website

Look up multiple words at once by separating them with commas:

In fact, you can just type the words you want to look up right into your browser's address bar:

You can save a page full of definitions (say, for keeping track of SAT vocabulary) and bookmark it or send the link to your aunt:

In most web browsers, you can add Ninjawords directly to your search box:
Ninjawords in your search toolbar

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Ninjawords is written by Phil Crosby and others. Feel free to send comments, suggestions, and bugs to phil.crosby@gmail.com.

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