°(of a person or animal) Relief from work or activity by sleeping; sleep.
"I need to get a good rest tonight, I was up late last night."
°Any relief from exertion; a state of quiet and relaxation.
"We took a rest at the top of the hill to get our breath back."
°To be or to put into a state of rest.
"My day's work is over; now I will rest."
°To stay, remain, be situated.
"The blame seems to rest with your father."
synonyms: sleep, slumber, break, repose more» , time off, peace, quiet, silence, stillness, tranquility, cradle, support, relax, relieve, have a breather, pause, take a break, take time off, take time out, be, lie, remain, reside, stay, lay, lean, place, put, remainder, lave